Looking to be inspired, encouraged and connect on a deeper level? Me too, friend. Welcome to A Simpler Grace. However you got here, I'm so grateful that you are. To learn more about me and the blog, continue reading, then follow the links at the bottom of this page if you'd like to have a look around.

I'm Lecy: freelance writer, cat mama, and space nerd. I'm an INFJ in every sense, so I'm a total introvert who craves a meaningful life and deep connection with others, but the Sagittarius in me is a wandering, old soul who is fiercely loyal and always in pursuit of wisdom and adventure.

When I'm not at the keyboard, you can find me with my nose in a book, on the yoga mat, in the kitchen cooking for my loves, or daydreaming about my next trip to the beach. I spend my days in the Blue Ridge Mountains, writing for this blog and various online and print publications, working on new creative endeavors and managing a chronic illness.

A Simpler Grace is where I share my thoughts and feelings through creative writing. Here, we talk about finding gratitude, making little moments count, exploring our creative passions and what inspires us to live simpler, grace-filled lives. I love to encourage others with my words while making deep connections with the people in my community, usually over a steaming cup of tea. I write about health and mental wellness, relationships, writing, creativity, food, books, and current events.

Here are some of the series I write on ASG:

Simple Gratitude | A peek at my daily gratitude journal where I share five things I'm thankful for that week and encourage you to join in.

Coffee Dates (a link-up) | A one-on-one chat about life over coffee.

Five Things | A handful of random thoughts about a topic that's been on my mind lately.

Letters | An open letter series focusing on current events and more serious matters of the heart.

Monthly Reflections | At the end of every month, I write a wrap-up list sharing what I've been up to in life.

What I Read | My monthly book reviews and recommendations.

What I Learned | The lessons I'm learning, both big and small, in my current season of life.

I love making new friends and connecting with the amazing people who read the blog. If you're into social media, click the links on the sidebar so we can be friends and keep in touch!